7 Powerful Women Who Fought for Wage Equality

7 Powerful Women Who Fought for Wage Equality
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After seven seasons of leading Showtime’s hit dramedy, Shameless, Emmy Rossum is finally (FINALLY) receiving fair compensation for her work.

Rossum reportedly held off on confirming her return for a possible eighth season of the series due to wage disputes—the 30-year-old demanded to be paid more than her co-star William H. Macy, whose role is less prominent than Rossum’s. In a rare but wonderful turn of events, the actress seems to have gotten what she deserves.

On Wednesday morning, the Shameless star tweeted that she’d be back on set in May:

Hooray for happy and fairly compensated Gallaghers!

Sadly, exciting news like this is far from commonplace, but as we approach a new year on the heels of this win, we have hope that the wage gap will continue to shrink.

VIDEO: At the Cover Shoot with Emmy Rossum


In honor of Rossum’s game-changing victory, here are six other inspiring actresses who fought for wage equality.

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