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Why You Need to Try Co-Washes

Why You Need to Try Co-Washes
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The process of washing hair hasn't really changed too much. Lather, rinse, repeat. Condition, rinse. Dry. But what if someone told you to skip the first step? That's exactly what a new hair trend would have you do.

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Co-washes are used instead of shampoo to cleanse hair. Because they're much gentler than shampoo, the conditioners are easier on color-treated hair, as well as coarse or frizzy manes. And yes, they still clean hair. Co-washes are specifically designed to still cleanse hair of oil, dirt, and build-up, but they do so without stripping hair of the natural "good" oils, which are necessary to keep frizzy, dry hair nourished. For those with curls or waves, a co-wash might just be what the stylist ordered.

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Although skipping washes or using conditioners to cleanse hair has been a secret of curly-haired ladies for a while, the trend is finally going mainstream. See three of the newest products to hit shelves.

PHOTOS: 3 Products You Need for Co-Washes

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