Why Chanel's Re-Issued Premiere Watch Is So Coco Chanel

Why Chanel's Re-Issued Premiere Watch Is So Coco Chanel
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Coco Chanel never designed a watch during her prolific career, but every timepiece made by the House of Chanel reflects the couturière’s legacy. The Camellia, her signature flower, appears on some special watches. Her beloved pearls on others. The designer’s favorite colors of black and white can be found on the sleek J12 ceramic designs. Yet, arguably, no timepiece channels Coco Chanel more clearly than the very first one, the Première. Launched in 1987, it featured a chunky gold chain that reflected the famous bag straps and an octagonal case inspired by the shape of the octagon stopper on a bottle of Chanel No. 5. Now, Chanel has gently revamped the watch with more delicate links and a variety of incarnations, including deluxe gold and diamonds pieces and everyday versions in steel. Watch the video above to see it in action, and visit for store locations to snap one up of your own.

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