Which Item Would Katie Holmes Take From Joey Potter's Dawson's Creek Wardrobe?

Which Item Would Katie Holmes Take From Joey Potter's <em>Dawson's Creek</em> Wardrobe?
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With the recent renaissance in all things '90s, it's impossible to talk about the era's fashion trends without bringing up the looks showcased by the cast of Dawson's Creek -- namely the half-updos, spaghetti straps, and bucket hats worn by Katie Holmes' character Joey Potter. At the New York City launch of Alterna's Scented Dry Shampoos last night, we were hit with a wave of nostalgia and were curious to know which of Joey's iconic staples she'd like to revisit. "I had some great tennis shoes on that show!" she told InStyle.com exclusively. "I remember during the pilot episode, I wore these cute Lucky brand tennis shoes. I actually did keep them because I was like 'Oh my gosh, these are the Joey shoes!' They really defined her, and she was such a tomboy." Holmes has since graduated to more modern ensembles, like the Holmes & Yang number she wore to the event, but the re-emergence of '90s trends don't go unnoticed by the star. "The high-waisted jeans before it was cool to have high-waisted jeans? I had those!" she said with a laugh.

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