What's Your Most Embarrassing Fashion Moment?

What's Your Most Embarrassing Fashion Moment?
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Everyone has had their fair share of embarrassing fashion moments. Whether it's accidentally tucking your skirt into your undies or wearing a dress that's see-through when you stand in the sun, these predicaments are a part of life. But have you ever had a fashion or beauty mishap that still makes you cringe? Well, Elizabeth Banks' new comedy Walk of Shame (in theaters and on demand May 2), which follows Banks' character Meghan Miles as she tries to get to a career-making job after being stranded in downtown Los Angeles following a one night stand, has us pondering that very question -- and that's where you come in.

We want to know: What's your most embarrassing fashion or beauty blunder ever? E-mail us at instylesocialmedia@gmail.com and spill your funniest tale. The five best stories will be read by Elizabeth Banks herself in a video that will debut on InStyle.com, and we can only imagine how funny her retelling will be.

But that's not all! After Banks reads your stories, we'll be hosting a contest, and the person with the most hysterical story will win an emergency beauty kit, so your mishap will never happen again.

Not sure exactly which story to submit? Watch the Walk of Shame trailer for some inspiration!

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