What's Sweeter Than Easter Candy? These Festive Nail Art Tips!

What's Sweeter Than Easter Candy? These Festive Nail Art Tips!
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Easter is tomorrow! Instead of piling on the floral accessories or donning bunny ears, consider pairing your Sunday best with a holiday themed manicure. To make the occasion extra sweet, we painted up two designs to give your outfit an extra festive twist. While the Easter Egg-inspired pattern and the cherry blossom tips may look difficult, we broke down the steps so even a nail art novice can master them, and since they make such a statement, you can balance a solo patterned nail with a uniform color on the rest of your digits. Scroll down to see the step-by-step guide to creating each look! 

Cherry Blossom Manicure
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1. Apply two even coats of a pale green nail polish. We used Deborah Lippmann's Flowers In Her Hair ($18; deborahlippmann.com).

2. With Sephora's Formula X Cherry Blossom Top Coat ($13; sephora.com), sweep the brush upwards from the middle portion of your nail to place the tiny pink glitters.

3. Pick up a few of the larger flower-shaped glitters, use a toothpick to position them along the tip, and finish with a layer of top coat. You can also use a dotter tool with a pastel pink lacquer to paint on your own flowers if you don't have the Sephora polish.

Easter Egg Manicure
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1. Begin with a base coat of pastel blue lacquer like YSL's La Laque Couture in Bleu Celadon ($27; yslbeautyus.com).

2. Once the color has dried completely pick up a white shade like Butter London's Cotton Buds ($15; butterlondon.com) and paint a thick stripe across the bottom third of your nail.

3. Paint a thick pink stripe across the top portion of your nail with Ciate's Strawberry Milkshake ($14; nordstrom.com) and allow both color-blocked sections to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

4. Use a yellow striping polish like Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art in Yellow ($4; ulta.com) to draw a few horizontal lines across the white portion of your nail, then fill in the blue center by drawing a zig-zag pattern.

5. With a toothpick or dotter tool, place a few yellow polka dots along the zig-zag, then dip it in the blue lacquer to apply dots all over the pink area. Allow the design to dry, and finish with a generous amount of clear top coat.

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