Michelle Dockery Keeps the Craziest Things in Her Handbag


What's the weirdest thing in your purse? A clean pair of socks? Cute photos of your dog? For Michelle Dockery, it's a finger puppet.

InStyle asked the Downton Abbey star to show us what's in her bag, and we never could have expected what came out. From the normal (wallet, headphones) to the intriguing (a wax seal) to the downright crazy (who knew she was a puppeteer?), you'll never predict what pops out next.

One thing that you can foresee? Her bag of choice. The actress has a line of bags, The Dockery Collection, with Aspinal of London, and of course she showed up to InStyle's photoshoot with one of the stunning satchels on her arm, a snap bag in black croc.

Watch the hilarious video at top to learn every wild thing in her purse. Lady Mary would surely have some thoughts about this collection of items.


Michelle Dockery, I have a very important question for you. What's your bag? I'll show you. [SOUND] And this is one of the Dockery Collection. You have a collection of Dockery's. I do. I have a collection of Dockery's. I'll show you more, if you like. How many Dockery's could there possibly be? There are different colors. I think, there are eight different colors. You come in eight different colors? I do. This is a snap. Because it snaps. God, you carry a lot with you. >. It's my wallet. Thank you. Buy myself something nice. [LAUGH] Headphones because I always have to listen to my music. What's your musical name? DJ Dockers. I do like- DJ DJ Dockers Dockers Burt's Bees lip balm. For when you really need the buzz. Yeah. Mm hmm. So I like collecting cards. So this is my current ne in my bag. How about this? It does actually look like paraphernalia, doesn't it? Is that a wax seal? It is a wax seal. [INAUDIBLE] Game of Thrones No. So you seal your F off cars with wax? Occasionally. That's something what I would refer to as perhaps a mixed messages. Maybe. Try it out. It might change your life. It doesn't work. So when often when I'm talking to people I have no idea what they're talking about. Little question mark. So I'll simply just stamp it and then stamp it on my head. Finger puppet. Vital. You never know when you have to entertain your friend's child. Small children or yourself on long flights. When they go to the lu. Yeah, this is why, I actually bought it for the shoot today in case Laura needs entertaining. Thank you. You're welcome. All of them. The may shades of you. Can I have yours too. [UNKNOWN] the dockers. Next roll.
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