We're Mad About... So You Think You Can Dance

We're Mad About... So You Think You Can Dance
Courtesy of Courtesy of ABC; So You Think You Can Dance
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The dance competition/reality show is turning out to be can't-miss this summer. In addition to the better-than-ever dancing, a super-stylish host (we love you Cat Deeley!) and unpredictable, endearing judge Mary Murphy ("I can't [raise my eyebrow] anymore because of Botox!"), now megastar Katie Holmes is rumored to be making a cameo: She's been spotted at the TV studio in dance clothes, she made a guest appearance as a dancer on Eli Stone last year, she's sporting new extensions, and our sources tell us she's a huge fan of the show.

Maybe it's a coincidence, but we'll certainly be tuning in!

Watch So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday's at 8/7c and Thursday's at 9/8c on Fox. And check out Cat's blog on EW.com, where the host gives behind-the-scenes scoop on the week's action every Friday.

Amy Barton

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