We Got the Scoop on Glee's Second Season Style!

We Got the Scoop on Glee's Second Season Style!
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Like all Gleeks, we are dying for Tuesday's premiere of Fox's singing, dancing smash! Thankfully, costume designer Lou Eyrich gave us a sneak peek into dressing Rachel, Finn, Quinn and the rest of the New Directions gang (along with, oh yeah, guest stars like Britney Spears). With nine to eleven costume changes per character, per episode, Eyrich and her team are in perpetual motion. "We wing it every single day," she says. "We might have the cutest idea for dance number outfits. Then we see the videos from the choreography rehearsals and say: 'Okay, that's not going to work—get rid of the jumpsuits.' We might have put them in pencil skirts and they were falling all over the place." This season, Rachel Berry's wardrobe grows up (from girlish skirts to womanly dresses), Tina goes Steampunk ("It's like old Victorian meets modern meets futuristic") and Kurt, now out of the closet, pushes his high-fashion style a little further. Eyrich is just careful to keep the looks appropriate for Ohio high schoolers. "This show is not really about fashion, it's about character," says Eyrich, who shops for the cast at H&M, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. "It's not like Gossip Girl, where there's all this great fashion that you would tune in to see." The only exceptions? "We go a little overboard for things like Gaga, Britney and Madonna, but that's because, you know, it's for Gaga, Britney and Madonna." And, speaking of divas, (spoiler alert!) there might be some more Lady-level costuming ahead: "[New castmember] Charice and Lea Michele do an incredible version of 'Telephone.'" Click on for more secrets from the set of Glee!

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