Man of Style Jason Sudeikis Talks Skinny Jeans, SNL Fashion, and the Sexiest Thing a Woman Can Wear


Jason Sudeikis stars in our “Man of Style” feature in the new August InStyle issue starring his fiance Olivia Wilde on the cover (great coincidence, eh?). After photographer Dusan Reljin snapped away at the SNL funnyman for the five-page spread (which included an splash-in-the-face action shot), he sat down with to dish out style advice in this behind-the-scenes video, from SNL fashion to getting a man into skinny jeans to the sexiest thing a woman can wear. "If the picture's good, it doesn't matter what the frame is," he says of women's style. "I'm very fortunate to have, for my taste and for many others, a great picture. So it doesn't really matter what she wears. On the rare occasion, nothing at all works just as well!" Watch the video above for more with the We're the Millers actor and then read our entire exclusive interview by picking up the new InStyle, available now on newsstands and tablet download.

Plus, see Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’s cutest couple moments.

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My advice for, for ladies is get their fella a nice pair of jeans. [MUSIC] A guy has to wear the pants for at least 54 to 72 hours, like straight. I'm not even joking. Wear 'em all day for a week, like literally if you listen to an album for a week, you will, by the end of that week, love it because it will be so in your head. Same thing with jeans [INAUDIBLE]. We just get so used to the way they fit. And, even if they've grown with us, if we've grown. Try and get a fellow to wear skinny jeans right off the rack is... And if you can do that, then, you know, you should be in the middle east, helping, helping, you know [LAUGH] repair you know, those relationships, as far as I'm concerned. But yeah, there has to be an incentive on the ladies' part, I think. [MUSIC] It really, it really varies, if the picture's good it doesn't matter what the frame is, you know? I'm very fortunate to have, you know, for, for my taste, and many others, a, a great picture, so it doesn't really matter to me what she wears [LAUGH]. You know, on the rare occasion, nothing at all works just as well. [MUSIC]. My mom used to make us dress up whenever we would travel on a plane. Her coming from that era when people would do that, you know, consistently and she worked in the travel in, industry. So I think she always wanted us to look nice, almost like a little commercial for her industry. And my dad just, he always dressed nice. He was always big on, you know, looking nice. Better to be over dressed when showing up somewhere than underdressed. [MUSIC] You know, wardrobe people are fantastic but, a lot of times when playing a character that's like a version of me, I usually ask for an updated version of someone iconic, like either Cary Grant, if he was 35, or a drunk Jimmy Stewart. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Yeah, the character in, in We're the Millers is, I would say, less aimless, more not driven, probably in my interpretation. Like a little bit of fear of success, and fear of living up to his potential, which I think anybody can feel that way when they get up or at least when they go to bed, maybe more so when they get up in the morning. The sun brings hope [LAUGH] but, yes. I've felt that way many, many times in my life. And, I've usually just you know, moved. Or, you know, you bought a new pair of sneakers, to get current. [MUSIC]
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