Watch the Video: Drew Barrymore Reacts to Her Seven InStyle Covers!


The September issue of InStyle featuring Drew Barrymore broke a few records in our books -- not only was it the biggest issue ever (check out our #MakingSeptember page to see how it was created), but Barrymore has also appeared on more covers than any other star in InStyle history! We showed her the seven issues she appeared on over the years to see what she thought of each one, starting with her very first appearance back in 1999. "I totally remember that day so well!" she exclaimed. "I just remember fretting about my hair that day. I had this really bad haircut and I was growing my hair out, so we tried to give it a 'do and it wasn't working." Luckily, after some creative styling tricks, Barrymore's gorgeous loose curls were the end result for our March 1999 issue. "We finally landed on that hairstyle, and I felt like it was right," she added. "It was me, but it was InStyle." Watch the video above to see what else she had to say about all seven covers, then pick up the new InStyle, on newsstands and available for download to your tablet starting Friday, August 16.

Plus, take a look at how our September issue came together!

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• #MakingSeptember: Behind the Issue!
• The #LargestInstyleEver Is Officially Here!

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