Watch Under The Shadow Star Narges Rashidi Rate Classic Horror Flicks


It's October, which means that if you're anything like us, you're trading outdoor activities for a cozy seat in the movie theater once nighttime hits. If you're craving an indie thriller, allow us to suggest Under the Shadow, a drama set in post-revolution 1980s Tehran. In the film, Narges Rashidi plays a young mother struggling with the realities of raising her daughter in a war-torn area when a mysterious paranormal force begins to take over their home. "This film is important to me because it blends a really powerful moment in Tehran's history with a unique story of otherworldly happenings," Rashidi tells InStyle. To gear up for Halloween—the season for all things spooky—we asked Rashidi to rate the scream factor of some classic horror flicks.

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Watch the video above for Rashidi's picks, then catch Under the Shadow in select theaters now.

Rashidi is wearing Haider Ackermann by Styling: Sophia Costima; Hair: Charlie Taylor; Makeup: Devra Kinery.


[MUSIC] Hello. My name is Narges Rashidi. I'm Under the Shadow, which is in theaters now, and we're gonna be rating some horror movies for you guys. The Exorcist. On a scale of one to ten I'd give it a Nine and a half because it scared the hell out of me. Ever since I've watched that movie I feel like I am possessed too sometimes. Rosemary's Baby, I'd give it a seven and a half. I just had to watch it again because of my movie Under the Shadow to prepare. What scared me the most was the psychological aspect in it. [MUSIC] The Shining, I'd give it an eight, don't ask me why. Halloween, I would give it a four, because it's more slasher movie than psychological thriller and I prefer the psychological thriller ones. Jaws Steven Spielberg, I love that movie. I'd give it a ten, and I'm so scared when I go swimming in the ocean. [MUSIC] Psycho, I'd give it a ten. I love all Alfred Hitchcock movies, all of them. I love the looks and the beautiful, gorgeous women. [MUSIC] The Birds I would give it an eight. Alfred Hitchcock again. I love the mood in that movie but I'm not scared of birds, still love them, hummingbirds. [LAUGH] My favorite ones. [MUSIC]
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