Watch Now: 30 Rock Goes Out With "Rural Juror" Song

Watch Now: 30 Rock Goes Out With "Rural Juror" Song
Ali Goldstein/NBC

The series finale of 30 Rock aired last night, and after the show's conclusion, there was a special surprise in store for its loyal viewers. Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) and the rest of the cast revived one of the show's most well-known jokes from way back in season one: the rural juror! Then, Jenna starred in a television drama with the most awkward name in history. But last night, there was a twist: she took to the mic to turn the hilarious tongue-twisting sketch into a soaring song. "I'll never forget you, rural juror—these were the best days of my flurm," Maroney sings with all her heart (the song starts at the 2-minute mark in the video above). Watch the clip now! We'll miss you, 30 Rock!

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