Watch Mariah Carey's New Music Video for "Triumphant"

Watch Mariah Carey's New Music Video for "Triumphant"
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Mariah Carey’s video for her new single "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" is out, and it has all of the ingredients of what makes her videos so quintessentially Mariah. Her wardrobe choices flaunt her long legs (short skirts and sequin minis) and her favorite colors (shades of champagne and honey, of course!). It also features famous hip hop cameos (Rick Ross in a mink coat and Meek Mill as the tough-guy boxer), a simple concept (the boxing ring), props (she's the ring card girl!), awesomely emotional hand gestures (especially when she hits her high notes), and tons of glitter pouring down in a "triumphant" kind of way. The only thing that's missing is a butterfly! If she had one of those fluttering around, we'd be in Mariah Music Video heaven. Watch the whole video above.

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