Watch Lena Dunham Give Hilarious (and Useful!) Advice in Her New Video Series

Watch Lena Dunham Give Hilarious (and Useful!) Advice in Her New Video Series
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Hannah Horvath on the HBO comedy Girls doesn't always make the best decisions—but that's far from the truth about Lena Dunham, the actress who plays the character and also created the hit TV show. Now, the witty and relatable star is dolling out some sound and useful advice in a new YouTube series entitled Ask Lena, where Dunham answers questions sent to her by fans about anything from feminism to plus size fashion and being too loud. The videos feature adorable cameos from her dog, Lamby, along with plenty of humor, witty remarks, and genuine honesty—everything Dunham is known for.

Ask Lena was created in anticipation of the Sept. 30 release of the star's upcoming book Not That Kind of Girl ($28), which includes a hilarious, poignant, and extremely frank collection of personal essays on what she has learned so far in life. We hope the amazing series is a sneak peek at what we can expect in her book!

Check out all of the Ask Lena videos here:

Ask Lena #1: Wearing booty shorts doesn't mean you can't be a feminist.


Ask Lena #2: Fashion is all about confidence.


Ask Lena #3: Friends shouldn't stop talking to you because you dislocated your knee.


Ask Lena #4: Do not engage in relationships with people who treat you badly.


Ask Lena #5: Deal with your writing insecurities head-on.


Ask Lena #6: Cope with your OCD by asking for help from others.


Ask Lena #7: When you encounter bullies, just remember how much you love yourself.


Ask Lena #8: Channing Tatum is not the solution to all the bad sex you're having.


Ask Lena #9: Humor is essential to a healthy relationship.


Ask Lena #10: We have no authority to be afraid of death.


Ask Lena #11: Jealousy is a waste of time.


Ask Lena #12: There are certain situations where we need to use our indoor voices.


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