Gigi Hadid Has Some Seriously Impressive Makeup Skills

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As a supermodel, Gigi Hadid is constantly having her makeup applied by professionals, but this week, she switched things up a little. Instead of having her makeup done, Hadid was on the other side of the brush as she dolled up her makeup artist Erin Parsons.

In a video from Maybelline New York, Parsons decided that she needed a little break from the makeup artist life and handed the reins over to an enthusiastic Hadid.

The supermodel put everything from lipstick to winged eyeliner on the makeup pro, giggling with Parsons all the while and even admitting that when she's in the chair, she loves to sing instead of sit still.

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Hadid seemed happy with her handiwork, and Parsons was also a big fan.

"I feel absolutely gorgeous and I have to say, that was really calming and relaxing," Parsons said. "I could get used to this. I'll take over, I'll be the model."

Parsons might have only been joking about that, but Maybelline just announced her as the brand's newest global makeup artist, so it sounds like she should get used to the spotlight. After all, she can always call on Hadid if she needs her makeup done.


[MUSIC] Hey guys. We're backstage, Maybelline, Gigi Hadid, Erin Parsons. The one and only. Doing a little touch up. I have an idea though. What? I kinda feel like I need a break, I think, what about you doing my makeup. I think I might- Yeah. [LAUGH] Please. How about a little powder for me please. One [INAUDIBLE] early, girl, we're doing more than a powder. [CROSSTALK] I'm gonna turn it up. Okay. [MUSIC] Matte ink. Okay. [LAUGH] Heroine, like female hero. Okay, I I think I'll feel like a superhero. You know what I'm going to do to you? When you're this close, I'm going to look you right in the eyes. Is that what I do to you? No. You know you start to sing? I'm annoying. I sent. Am I allowed to stand? Let's get very close. I'm going to put some gloss on this then we're going to do the wing and we'll have it. okay. Work it. You want some Contour Girl. Give me that too. Contour girl, ha. [LAUGH] This is what Erin does to me. She scoops as much sticky gel as she can, and then she suffocates me with it. [MUSIC] Are you sure you want to do a wing? It's not that easy. Okay, do it, put her to the test! My, gosh! Okay we're gonna pull it. Okay, wait maybe I should relax my eyes. Is it relaxed? Damn, girl! Should I, right? That's the thing! You can drop it, you can pull it or you can drop it. No, exactly. You know what I mean? Every, single, move. Yes! Is in a good spot. We like? Now I love that. I feel absolutely gorgeous, and I have to say that was really calming and relaxing. And I could get used to this, I think could, I'll take over, I'll be a model. We're here tomorrow. [LAUGH] Should I try tomorrow? We'll tell them, you have your fittings and [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Well they better- I think your fitting Do I get to go home? I think that they might need to call a few more shops for me first. Okay. Haha. Glad you guys were here. That was really fun, actually. That was fun. I have to say. I never get my makeup done, and I feel really pretty, and she did an amazing job. So thank you so much. I love you. [MUSIC]
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