Watch Estelle's "Wonderful Life" Music Video

Watch Estelle's "Wonderful Life" Music Video
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Now this is a song to wake up to! Estelle just released the music video for her latest single, “Wonderful Life,” and it’s catchy like her smash hit “American Boy” but with an inspirational yes-you-can message. (Sample lyrics shout-out: “Hey! I'm winning today, my smile is OK at the end of the line, and I'm fine, no thorns in my side, somebody remind me, it's a wonderful life.”) The video features a montage of clips from her tour, with studio shots spliced in, creating a visual representation of gratitude for her current success. “No matter how hard you think life is right now it'll always be better tomorrow,” Estelle told of how she wants viewers to feel after watching it. (Plus, keep an eye out for her oversize earrings, they’re her own from Topshop!) So, eyes up top—watch the video, and have a great day! 

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