Watch Diane Kruger's Life Come Alive for Jaeger Le-Coultre

Watch Diane Kruger's Life Come Alive for Jaeger Le-Coultre
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Diane Kruger celebrated Reinvent Yourself, her new short film for the luxury watch brand Jaeger Le-Coultre, in New York City last week, and now you can watch the video she's so proud of above. “It felt very authentic about my life and my friendship with Jaeger Le-Coultre," Kruger told editors of the film over lunch of pan-seared bass and asparagus flan at the Rockefeller Center Loft and Garden. "It pieces together my professional life and my personal life, and I’m very grateful for that.” Therfore, you'll see her life come alive, from her movie star moments, like swinging on a set, to some of her most vulnerable, like crying over a broken heart. "Everybody in life can relate to laughter or cry for joy or just that moment of something ending, so that was the inspiration there," she explained. "I had a couple of sad thoughts going through my head on that one." But, since the whole campaign focuses on reinvention, it ends on a very positive note. "You're not just defined by your job, but also by the choices you make as a woman," she added. "You can be anything, if you put your heart to it." Watch it and get some inspiration for yourself.

Plus, see Diane's best looks ever.

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