Chris Pine is in amazing shape, as many of his film roles, including Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond, require him to be. However, it is truly amazing that he stays so svelte as eating is basically a sport for the actor. His Star Trek co-star, Zoë Saldana, pointed this out on The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier this week and when Pine appeared on the program last night, Corden showed the clip.

"I love Chris, but he's always hungry. His stomach is like a bottomless pit," she said. She then did an impression of Pine sitting, or manspreading, actually, and just devouring food. Cut to Pine then sitting on the same couch with a beer in one hand and giant sandwich in the other. "The question I've got is, do you care to address this?" asked Corden as he tried to not laugh. Fellow guest Imogen Poots also noted that Pine was making a mess. "So many crumbs on your little suit!" she said. "How do you stay in this shape eating this volume of bread?" asked Corden. Pine was having trouble chewing the large sandwich so all he could say was, "I was thinking it could maybe be a softer baguette. Good God!"

He then offered some of the sandwich to Poots, who gladly accepted while Corden revealed he was on a no-bread diet. When the actress began explaining that she needed to work on gesticulating with her hands less, she ended up gesticulating the sandwich, causing some of it to fall out. "Imogen! You're wasting all the salad!" said Pine before grabbing a piece off the floor. "It's the five-second rule!"

Pine then retrieved a giant turkey leg from behind the couch. "It's like you're auditioning to be Henry VIII or something?!" "I don't know if you've ever checked back behind here. There's like four incredible mini-fridges," said Pine. The Star Trek actor had once again managed to get crumbs all over himself, but the women in the audience enjoyed his little crumb shake-off dance.

Watch Pine devour a lot of food in the clip above.