Watch Billy Eichner and InStyle's Laura Brown Play Around in Our Fashion Closet

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If fashion isn't fun then what is the point? Not many people are more fun to be around than our January Man of Style, Billy Eichner. The Billy on the Street creator and star makes both complete strangers and celebrities burst into fits of laughter—remember that hilarious moment with our January cover star, Sarah Jessica Parker?—but there's nothing comical about him when he steps onto the red carpet. Here, he takes a tour of the InStyle fashion closet. Enjoy.

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[MUSIC] So I don't know what to do. All right. I just got back from the shows and I don't actually know what's cool or chic. Well, I'm the InStyle man of style. So I can show you. I'll give you my opinion on things. Would you? Would you? Yeah. [SOUND] [MUSIC] What do you think that is? I feel like this costs like $10,000, but it also looks like something my grandmother in Florida would wear to Play, like, bridge. It's Chanel. It's Chanel, yeah. [MUSIC] You're messing up my hair! What else have we got? So what about this guy? What do you think? It's nice. This is my new Grindr picture. [MUSIC] This just looks like a comfortable shoe For a handsome woman. Let's move on, getting off. Come on. OK, all right. Let's see what we've got here. Are you ready to wear it? This is great. If you could take like four inches off of this, it's good for Ariana Grande if Ariana Grande is looking to wear something more conservative. OK, what else do we have here? My- Do you wanna be, do you wanna be fash-on? Yes. Or fash-off? I wanna be fash-on. [MUSIC] My god, look at this. No, I'm fine. Balmain, this was one of the hottest looks on the hottest girls. OK. [SOUND] My god, honestly, I cannot tell you how heavy this is. Can you imagine nonchalantly walking down the street? [LAUGH] It's effortless. I love an effortless look. [LAUGH] What's next? What is this, patchwork? Very Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Chanel. This looks like A wireless router. I mean this- By the way this collection was based on the Internet. Really? Wi-Fi. Well then they got it right. All right. Well, OK. you- We've gone through it all. I think everyone has a lot of good options. Thank god. Thank you. So important to give that to [UNKNOWN] Yes. Thank you for all of this. These are all good lessons. Thank you. All right, good to see you. I forgot my coat. Intern. Yeah, thank you, thank you so much. Thank you, OK all right. Thank you, very heavy, so heavy. All right bye Laura, bye. Good to see you. [CROSSTALK] Bye. Bye Instyle. [MUSIC]
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