Go Behind the Scenes in Brandy's Unbelievably Glamorous Dressing Room for Chicago the Musical 

Go Behind the Scenes in Brandy's Unbelievably Glamorous Dressing Room for <em>Chicago the Musical </em>
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Believe it or not, backstage at any theater can be pretty drab, and the dressing rooms for even the biggest stars on Broadway are no exception. Not only are the spaces ridiculously tiny, but most of the production's budget usually goes toward making what happens center stage look beautiful, while leaving everything behind the curtains forgotten. Roomers Mag, along with Amazon, decided that enough was enough and gave Brandy's dressing room for her role as Roxie Hart in Chicago the Musical a dramatic makeover.

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They didn't have much to work with, but the team was confident that they could make the lackluster space inspiring. Fiona Byrne of Roomers Mag even said, "When I saw the room initially it was really, really depressing."

After a little brainstorming and a lot of imagination, Brandy's room was transformed into a chic yet tranquil escape.


Byrne focused on Brandy's needs, saying, "I knew on matinée days that Brandy would want to be able to relax between shows and maybe even lie down." So, the old couch was swapped out for a flat back futon ($339; amazon.com). The room was also equipped with enough vases to hold all of the gifted flowers and a statue of Buddha ($26; amazon.com), to ease into meditation.


A tray loaded with champagne glasses ($36; amazon.com), a decanter ($16; amazon.com), and an ice bucket with tongs ($79; amazon.com) was added to toast the memorable nights.


Brandy's only request was a framed photo of her favorite quote. After seeing the dramatic makeover, the humble actress literally started singing. She happily thanked Byrne and even said, "I feel like my performances are going to be better now!"


Check out the video below to see more of Brandy's decked-out Broadway dressing room.

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