Video of the Day: "Live It Up" by Jennifer Lopez

Video of the Day: "Live It Up" by Jennifer Lopez
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Monday, again?! Kick your week off with a new jam by Jennifer Lopez. The star just released the music video for her new single "Live It Up"—coinciding with her performance of the tune at the Billboard Music Awards last night—and it's pure J.Lo. All her classic elements are there: Belly-baring outfits (including her swing look by Wes Gordon), baller shades (by Swarovski), wild makeup choices (orange lipstick, anyone?), and dance moves at the going rate of 125 BPM. Her explanation: "I'm a dancer, so dance and choreography have always been a way to express myself," she once told InStyle. "Anything you do with music or a song, or even playing a character, is a way of expressing yourself. Dance just happens to be a very sensual way of doing it." Watch the video above to see Lopez's latest heart-thumping song. Because it's Monday and you should LIVE IT UP.

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