Victoria Justice Spills 7 Secrets from The Rocky Horror Picture Show Set

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Victoria Justice may have become famous for her roles on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 and Victorious, but the 23-year-old star is officially all grown up. Tonight, she returns to TV in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring as the newly sexually-awakened Janet Weiss in Fox’s remake of the 1975 cult classic.

The evolution of Janet—who was portrayed by Susan Sarandon in the original movie—from naive to seductive allowed Justice to explore an entirely new side of herself onscreen. And when she stopped by InStyle’s New York offices this week, Justice revealed that she was more than ready to step into her character’s skimpy iconic bra-and-slip outfit—although she did put in a bit of prep to do so. “I did a few extra crunches during the filming of this movie,” she said.

In addition to upping her gym routine, Justice found herself filming an underwater kiss, witnessing a very NSFW mishap on set, and pinching herself while singing Rocky Horror’s iconic songs during late-night shoots.

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Press play on the video above to find out seven secrets she spilled from the set and tune in to Fox tonight at 8 p.m. ET to see her in action.


[MUSIC] Hey guys, what's up? I'm Victoria Justice, hanging out here with InStyle and check me out in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, October 20th. [MUSIC] Taking on the iconic role of Janet Weiss that was originally played by Susan Sarandon, Sarandon was really a dream come true. I've been a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show since I was like in fifth grade. Then I went to my first midnight showing when I was 15. I had so much fun. I love the music. I had so many pinch me moments on set, because so many of the scenes are so Classic. One pinch me moment that stands out the most for me, would probably be when Ryan McCarthy, who plays Brad, and I were filming over at the Frankenstein place. And it was like 2:00 in the morning in Toronto. We had the rain machine going. And when my character holds up the newspaper and starts singing the song, that was Cool. Working with Ms. Laverne Cox was amazing. She is, like, the definition of fierce. She's so focused, and so hard working, and so smart, and just beautiful on the inside and the outside. I really loved getting to know her. She's really funny, and I think she does such a great job playing Dr. Frankenfurter, and I think people are gonna be really surprised at. How amazing her voice is. We were filming the dance sequence of "Wild and untamed thing" I believe it is when we were all in our gold costumes and have all had this kind of transformation. Staz Nair, who plays Rocky, was in this little gold kind of onesie thing, looks like a wrestling kind of outfit, with these short shorts. During his dance number, I just remember at the end of it the director just goes, cut! Apparently, one of his testicles [LAUGH] popped out. And there's one fact for you. He's okay with me saying that by the way so I'm not like embarrassing him or anything [LAUGH]. I think the scene that was my favorite to film was when we were doing Don't Dream at Vite. It's kind of this dream scene that happens in a pool with all of us, and that was really cool. I'd never filmed anything in the water like that, and it had kind of this really free love vibe, and we're all ike kissing each other and holding each other. And I did my first ever underwater kiss that day, so. It was a lot of fun. Something else that I think people would be surprised about in this remake is that we do push the boundaries a little bit for a musical that's on network TV. Not too much. But just enough. It was really cool to be able to wear the iconic bra and slip. I did a few extra crunches during the filming of this movie. I was kind of cold though because we were filming in Toronto and I had hardly any clothes on. I actually didn't get to meet with Susan and talk to her about the role. I would love to now. I mean I would love her to watch the movie and see what she thinks, hopefully she thinks I did a good job. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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