Victoria Beckham’s Shirt Is a Fashion Emergency in the Best Way


Victoria Beckham never loses her cool but on Wednesday it appeared the designer was in need of help. Specifically, fashion help.

Did her pants rip? Did she lose a pair of sunglasses? Were people speaking negatively of her spring 2018 collection (never!)? Nope. None of the above. In fact, what did occur is that the 43-year-old mother of four marched around New York in one of her most fabulous off-duty looks.

That’s it, you ask? Well, for her outing, Beckham wore classically cool pointed-toe blush pumps with cute cuffed blue jeans, a brown leather clutch, and shades that could block any hater from a mile away. And then we saw her shirt. The tee not only perfectly complemented her accessories, but it read “Fashion Emergency” in a backward mirror effect.

Victoria Beckham Fashion Emergency Tee
UMV/Star Max/GC Images

Excuse us, but something about Victoria "capital F Fashion" Beckham wearing a cry for sartorial help is kind of hilarious. The Bat Gio by Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert piece runs for $175 but is unfortunately sold out at the moment. You can find other pieces from the collection at the Bat Gio pop-up inside Bergdorf Goodman through September 25.

Beckham has a history with loving simple graphic tees. In fact, she threw one into her own Victoria Beckham collection. It’s chic. And it reads, “Fashion Stole My Smile” (also sold out).

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So is Beckham all right post emergency? Our guess is she’s perfectly fine.


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