Vera Wang's Fall 2017 Collection Is a Love Letter to Paris


You’ll never forget your first love. For Vera Wang, that’s her relationship with the city of Paris. Before the New York City native began her legendary design career with lines that span across ready-to-wear, bridal, and menswear, Wang frequented Paris with her mother on buying trips and lived in the City of Lights when she studied at the Sorbonne and, for a brief period, during her career as a fashion editor.

Tuesday marked another highlight in her legendary career. Not only did Wang debut her fall 2017 collection with a short film that coincided with the start of Paris Fashion Week, Wang was conferred the rank of Chevalier in the Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur by Gérard Araud, the Ambassador of France to the United States during a ceremony at Les Invalides. The order represents the highest civilian distinctions in France.

‎"This is an unimaginable honor, both as an American and a Designer, to be presented with this most prestigious award from the French Republic,” Wang said in a statement.

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Fittingly, the Napoleon Bonaparte-established order serves as inspiration for the collection shown in the Yvan Fabing-directed short film. The clip captures model Mariacarla Boscono (wearing pieces with embroidered with French military references) and Wang against various backdrops that are both quintessentially Parisian and personal to the designer.

Watch the collection film above, and you’ll begin to understand why for Wang, “It Was Paris from the Start.”


[SOUND] I have a story, my very own. [SOUND] It shaped me, it challenged me. It inspired me. [SOUND] It seduced me. [SOUND] [MUSIC] How does one define a lifelong love affair? [MUSIC] Paris has always been my special love. [MUSIC] My sanctuary, my escape. [MUSIC] Mysterious. [MUSIC] Mesmerizing. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]. I study dance. [MUSIC]. Ballet brought me a strength. Precision, control. [MUSIC] Skating freed me [MUSIC] The movement, the sensuality. I could never see things the same way again. [MUSIC] [SOUND] And then I discovered another Paris. Youthful but sophisticated. [MUSIC] On a fun. [MUSIC] Brave. [MUSIC] Parasite affect me like a drug. [MUSIC] I guess deep down inside, something always beckoned me. [MUSIC] A desire to express my own vision of women. [MUSIC] I long for the freedom, the fear, The struggle, and the thrill of design. [MUSIC] And it was Paris from the start that formed me, embraced me, and ultimately saved me. [MUSIC] I guess its true what they say, you never forget your first love, but starts as you ****, becomes something else, something beyond you, transforming, overwhelming [MUSIC] My love for Paris, [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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