Veils Are Couture Week's Favorite Accessory: Would You Wear One?

Veils Are Couture Week's Favorite Accessory: Would You Wear One?
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage; REX USA
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If you can take your eyes off the breathtaking gowns from the Paris couture week runways for just a second (difficult, we know), you'll notice there's a retro accessory making a resurgence: The veil is back with a vengeance.

It's a perennial fixture on the couture catwalks for brides—who often makes the finale strut to close a show, complete with swathed faces—but they've become a must for every haute spring 2015 outfit, if Chanel and Giambattista Valli’s catwalks are anything to go by.

At Valli (above, right), they were a fixture on the faces of every model in a sheer polka dot gauze, hanging from a bow headband, which wouldn't look out of place on '50s debutantes. The perfect complement to the frothy, pastel gowns.

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Over at Chanel (above, left; below) and rather than preppy, Karl Lagerfeld's veils had a more futuristic feel; the models wore them tightly wrapped all the way around their heads. And giving a nod the high-fashion floral theme, the pieces were made from a heavier duty gauze, befitting of a gardener’s tool box.

Veils at Couture Week

But does the veil really have fashion clout off the catwalk? We'd say yes, if show-goer Chiara Ferragni is anything to go by. The fashion blogger accessorized her front-row look at Christian Dior couture with a delicate jewel-adorned headband complete with a cheekbone-grazing veil.

Chiara Ferrgani wears a veil

We're sold on spring/summer 2015's most ladylike accessory, but are you?

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