The Chic, New Headphones That Fashion Girls Are Freaking Out Over

The Chic, New Headphones That Fashion Girls Are Freaking Out Over


You probably put a lot of thought into which bag or shoes will look great with every outfit. You may have even decked out your cell phone with a pretty case to match, too. But, fashionistas, there's another accessory that's just as important: headphones. They are no longer only reserved for listening to music. Headphones have evolved into quite the fashion statement, and Scandi brand Urbanears makes some of the chicest styles around. You may have noticed style stars like Emma Roberts and Drew Barrymore toting the iconic Plattan headphones around. And the headphones recently received a huge makeover.

On November 9, Urbanears debuted the Plattan 2 Bluetooth, which is just as stylish as its predecessor. It has that signature fabric headband that comes in 5 colors for you to mix and match with your #ootd: indigo, tomato, white, black, and dark gray. What's even better? The brand has finally cut the cord. So there's no need to worry about annoying tangles.

But all of those old cords aren't being totally forgotten. Urbanears teamed up with Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund, and she actually hand knitted some of the cords into wearable art that looks like couture scarves. Yep, she's got major skills.

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And the best part about the wireless headphones: You can use them for up to 30 hours before your headphones need charging. That's pretty epic. Now, if only we could get Urbanears to create a cellphone battery that could last that long. We'll keep our fingers crossed. In the meantime, we're checking out the new wireless headphones and wearable below.

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