This Couple Met on Twitter and Eventually Got Married IRL


Don’t believe in love? Think You’ve Got Mail is unrealistic? Well, this Atlanta-based couple is about to prove you wrong.

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In September 2013, Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia bonded on Twitter over their shared interest in attending Jazzoo—a swanky musical benefit at the Atlanta Zoo.

That fateful September day, Anuj told his followers he had an extra ticket to the event, and asked if anyone wanted to join. Sumita tweeted her interest, but Anuj had already relinquished the ticket.


Don’t worry, that’s not where the conversation ended…


Three and-a-half years later, the star-crossed social media lovers are married! And, naturally, their wedding paid homage to the platform that brought them together, the one and only Twitter.

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Anuj, a real-life prince, proposed to Sumita with an elaborate Twitter scavenger hunt (watch below).

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On the big day, the “Tweet-hearts” celebrated with Twitter-themed food, drink, decorations, welcome cards, and even seating arrangements.

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This is truly a love story for the modern age.


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