Top Hair Try-Ons of 2009

Top Hair Try-Ons of 2009
Steve Granitz/WireImage; Theo Wargo/WireImage; Jun Sato/ WireImage; Lee Broomfield
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We know you love our Hollywood Makeover tool—but do you ever wonder what everyone else does when they're in there? Today is your lucky day. We've totaled up the top try-ons of the entire year and Katie Holmes's chic bob takes the top spot with Vanessa Hudgens's slick bangs, Ali Larter's blond bangs (are we seeing a trend here?) and Jennifer Lopez's tousled bangs right behind.

 Try them all on in our Hair Makeover to make sure you're not missing out. Because who knows—your next great style could be a click away.

Hannah Morrill

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