Tom Hardy Reportedly Catches a Thief IRL and Twitter Goes Wild


The revelation that Tom Hardy might be even more of a badass in real life than his Mad Max and Taboo onscreen personas is making Twitter incredibly thirsty.

Reports suggest that the Hollywood heartthrob played real-life superhero as he allegedly chased down a moped thief in an action movie-worthy sequence, racing through backyards and a building site in Southwest London before apprehending the man in an effort to see justice served.

According to The Sun, a witness said that the Brit "switched into superhero mode" after he witnessed two men crash the moped into a £50,000 Mercedes car.

"I asked Tom what happened and he told me he chased him through my back garden and caught him around the block—but the route was like an assault course," the witness remembered, before saying that the actor apprehended the thieves and placed them under citizen's arrest.

Since then, Scotland Yard has cast some doubts on the validity of these claims in a statement, saying that there was "no pursuit" and that the thieves were apprehended by the police at the scene of the crime—but Twitter is too busy having a fan girl moment to care.


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The Telegraph reports that a spokesperson for Hardy has declined to comment on the story at this time.


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