18 of the Hottest Instagrams of The Bachelorette Front-Runner Jordan Rodgers

18 of the Hottest Instagrams of <em>The Bachelorette</em> Front-Runner Jordan Rodgers
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Move over, Ben Higgins—JoJo Fletcher finally met the 26 men vying for her heart during last night's premiere of The Bachelorette, and there are already some clear favorites. Namely Jordan Rodgers, who not only scored the first impression rose last night but was also her first kiss, #winning.

Clearly Fletcher and Rodgers have a connection, and we totally can see why—he's a hunk. Oh, and did we mention that he's the brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? That means that he's probably also BFFs with Olivia Munn, which gives him a serious edge in our humble opinion. However, regardless of his family connections, he's also a catch in his own right.

The handsome contestant played in the NFL for three years after his college career at Vanderbilt University, and since he retired from football last year, Rodgers has switched over to media and sports broadcasting. While his accomplishments are impressive, so is his Instagram account. Rodgers regularly shares hot photos of himself, but don't worry, there aren't too many over-the-top selfies. Scroll down to see 18 of his best snaps on Instagram.

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Little mid-day flight around Northern California thanks to @wchristensen3 #callmegoose

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

2016 Goals: Do more things that scare you, and try things you didn't physically think possible. First on the list bungee jumping (scared of heights) and daily cardio (hate/suck at it). My weapon of choice the rower, goal 4,000m/day. Pick a fitness goal and make it a daily activity. I've learned to love this machine and interval training. Go to custom list of workouts on the Concept 2 and select 1:40/:20 for 9 sets. Set a pace goal for every round, for an added challenge increase your pace by 5 seconds each round for the first 5 sets, rest then repeat for last 4 rounds. See how many meters you tally by the end and push yourself to be better every day! #nike #nikemetcon #fitnessgoals #wholebodyfitness Don't forget nutrition is the catalyst for even bigger change #metabolicprofiling #athletenutrition

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Doesn't look that cold outside....

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Christmas morning calls for onesies, Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

7 Days in Hell, all in one night in Scottsdale #charlespoole vs #aaronwilliams @bfricketion

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Back on the field doing what I love training the next generation of gun slingers! #QBcountry #D1

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Not a bad day for a rooftop pool. What up Central Park? #wayyyuppp

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Psquad hitting it hard today @bclions_official @richie_leone #cfbh #qbcountry

A video posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

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Man-1, mountain-0 #deathhike #beautifulBC @richie_leone

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

A nice leisurely hike he said...only 30 min he said... @richie_leone #deathhike #hourlater

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

Hipster swag

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

#3 on the day

A photo posted by Jordan Rodgers (@jrodgers11) on

If you don't pick him JoJo, we'll take him.

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