Taylor Swift Attends Blake Lively's Private Baby Shower in New York


Just days following Blake Lively’s birthday, the expectant Shallows actress enjoyed yet another celebratory event: her own baby shower—with a guest list that included Taylor Swift!

According to People, Swift was among the famous faces to attend the weekend bash in New York, making for a busy few days for the "Shake It Off" singer. She made a quick commute to Nashville, Tenn., in order to report to jury duty the following Monday. Lively’s shower, for her second child with Ryan Reynolds, took place Saturday at the Bedford Post Inn in New York's Westchester County, E! News reports.

The soirée fell two days after the actress's 29th birthday, which was on Thursday, Aug. 25. It reportedly began at 11 a.m. and lasted 90 minutes, after which several guests returned to Lively and Reynolds's home for additional festivities.

Since news of Lively's second pregnancy broke in April, the 29-year-old has stood as a pillar of maternity style—making buzz-worthy appearances across both coasts and looking ever the fairytale princess at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The actress and her husband of nearly four years are already parents to daughter James, who turns 2 in December.

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Congratulations, Blake, on becoming a second-time mom!


Hey, InStyle readers! It's Rebecca Black, and right now I am at InStyle's L.A. offices, and I am gonna be taking your questions live right now. So your new song, The Great Divide, dropped today. Did you release it on Friday on purpose? [LAUGH] Honestly, Friday is the international Music release day. So it used to be Tuesday and last year it switched to Friday. So it just happened to come out on Friday. [LAUGH] And what's the inspiration for the song? The song is a really emotional one, and it's actually This year was really a big year for me. I'm 19, I'm growing up and making big changes in my life and I realized there were a few things that I needed, that I grown past and I needed to step away from. And when I was in the studio writing this, it was like that turning point and The writers were like what's going on. I explained to them and out came a song. Yeah. And what do you love about it? I love that for me it ended up being more than just a song. Like every time I listen to it it's a reminder of like Yes, you made it, you got it. Just personally for myself I overcame so many obstacles and I don't know. It just, it's like a physical example of the changes I've made, all for the best. And the sound is so different and unexpected. What do you think will surprise people most about your new music? I think a lot of people don't realize how young I was when Friday came out. And that Friday wasn't really a, it had nothing to do with what I liked or what I was. Because it wasn't even meant to go out. So, this Music is the first thing that's out there that really represents me and really represents me as an artist and what I love and what I love so I listen to. I think people don't realize that I'm only 19. I look little older I guess so they thought even just that I was teenager now If that makes any sense.>> And what has changed for you since Friday came out?>> Everything. I have, again, grown up a lot and I have taken the time to figure out who I am. I still don't know everything yet even though it kinda feels like I do. I just Yeah I was so young and I had no idea really what was gonna come out of it like I had no plans on making that be my career then that was just supposed to be like something to put on my resume for when I applied to NYU for musical theater or something and yeah now I've had the time to think about what I want and how to make this a career and be really happy with it. And who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? It doesn't seem like it would be a hard question but it is. I really love Am constantly like on spot if find new music and I really love a lot of underground staff I obviously love a lot of Idium right now. And I really, one of my all time favorite bands is a band called Brews. and they have a really cool mix of like Indy and electronic which are two things I really love Do you make fly by playlists? I do. [LAUGH] I love them. They are public that people can listen to? Yes, yes, I used to make them monthly. But I made it a little bit easier for everyone. And have just like one that I would constantly updating and putting songs on and taking them out. And then everything that gets taken out goes in this like archive of everything, it's literally called everything and the other one is called current so if you want to follow them they're on my Spotify [LAUGH] And who is your dream collaborator? I I think my all time favorite rapper and one of my all time favorite artists is Childish Gambino or Donald Glover. And I would love to make a song with him and have him [UNKNOWN] on something. He doesn't even do music that much anymore. Actually, I think he's dropping a new album soon. But I'm a massive fan. When I saw him live I was in tears. So I love singing with him. What kind of song do you do? I don't know, you have to see what, sorry, I have a feeling my shirt is coming down. I don't know, I guess I want to do some, he is constantly ahead of The time. Or ahead of his time I guess. And it's innovative so I love to get his inspiration for not just lyrics but also the song itself and the music in the song. [LAUGH] And what has been the most exciting thing about getting back to the studio? I think What like I used to be so scared of the studio and everything that came with it. And now I've been able to I don't know learned that everyday like it's literally in your journey. And everyday it's different even if you're working with the same person for a week everyday you write something cool or maybe you don't have a great day but still There's a really unique bond that songwriters form. Because every song writing session, is like a therapy session, especially for the artist. Like I've cried in the studios. I've laughed until I almost had to pee myself in the studios. Like every, because you are learning such personal things about each other, and Developing like this sort of relationship. I don't know, I don't have that with any one else besides maybe like my best best friends. When did you get back in this again? I mean I've recorded ever since I did Friday. But, it was last October that I decided really Go back and do it for real. And I was able to work with people that let me do it the way I wanted to and let me express myself and have some sort of input. [LAUGH] And what can we expect from the rest of your album? You two have an album coming out? We don't know if it's an album or an EP basically. I wrote a bunch of songs this year and we have enough We have like I think five or six right now. I still have more stuff in me. I still want to go back and write it. I have more ideas and everything. This fall hopefully, we'll have some more out. There's definitely more coming. And is the sound [INAUDIBLE] tonight? Or, what's the rest of the album going to sound like? Every song has its difference, we experimented like crazy. We wrote some things that we would never write. But obviously we wanted everything to go, we just let every song do its thing and With every week, and every month, and every day, I'm constantly getting new inspiration and I'm like, what if we add this? What if we try this? I just got a new mix of a song today and I'm like, this is so cool. I don't have anything like this. And so yeah, it's hard to figure out when to stop creating or adding ideas or input. Is there anyone fun that you're working with that you can tell us? Right now everything as far as artists has been just for myself. I need to figure out myself as an artist before I put anyone else on it. I'm lucky that I have a few friends that also do music, and I want to write with them. We want to do stuff together. I've. Worked with tonnes of different songwriters and producers. One of them is sitting in the room right now. That's actually real great by the way. But as far as art it's just me right now.>> What is your writing process? Tell us about it.>> Its. It's different every time. Like I said, it's like a mini-therapy session. And I'll go in, and I've co-written everything on this, I don't know what you would call it, this project, so far. And I go in, sometimes it's with someone I've never met before. Sometimes it's with people I've known for a while. And usually there's an hour of Chitchat, of just talking and kind of getting comfortable and creative. And then usually we'll either start with like, hey, I wanna play this song and to see how everyone's feeling it. Or maybe someone has like that idea or that like chord progression that they have been wanting to do or A certain lyric that's just stuck in their head and you just kind of start throwing out stuff. Once you have a decent layout of an idea, then people will kind of bring out their phones with their voice memos and start mumbling melodies, and one, one stands out and everyone's just like yeah, that's cool and then that just keeps happening and The lyrics will come and crying comes and then such and such comes. I wish it was as easy and it sounds but that takes like eight hours. It sounds complicated. It's really fun though. It's worth it. Okay, so the question of the hour, what is actually your favorite day of the week? I don't know. I think before I sang Saturday or something. I don't know if I have a day to day to be honest. So do people ask you? I mean, every once in awhile, but It happens. It's a, I have to expect people to, on some level. And what's your favourite song of the summer? My God. Your summer jam. My summer jam! What is my summer jam? I feel like I have to pull out my phone. I have been really loving, I was just listening to new stuff today. And it literally came out today. Bridgit Mendler, do you remember her from Disney? She just came out with a really cool song, and it was a really good example. I fell for it because I felt it, because, again, I felt like that was really something she loved and that felt very authentic to her and different. So, she just came up with a great song, but as far as the summer jam, I really have been loving that DK Snake album that just came out. He's got the feature with Justin Bieber and he's got that song Middle. It's really good. [LAUGH] So, that's the song that's been repeat for you?>> Yeah, but it's constantly changing. [LAUGH] Constantly. I really love Banks too. Her new song Gemini Feed. That's my song of the summer. I was just greaming to it on my way here.>> Yeah, that song is so good. Okay. So, let's talk about fashion and beauty.>> Yeah.>> So, tell us about your outfit. What are you wearing?>> I am wearing, actually most of this outfit is H&M. I'm wearing this long floor length. Silky, satiny shirt and matching shorts. As well as just a little black tank I threw on. And then have some crazy glitter platform shoes. I just felt like it's single [UNKNOWN], might as well go for it. Go for your goal. But yeah, this is Asiana but I've been obsessed with this recently. I've been wearing it. All the time. We had a couple of viewer questions come in about your lip color. It is a mac lip liner in boldly bear with actually the Kylie lip gloss glitter over it I see you going, lets have a look at here. That's it. How has your style evolved over the past few years? I think I have. I dont know if you just heard that, but something just happened downstairs. [LAUGH] I think I Have, especially, honestly in the last couple of months, I've just been, I really love contemporary, and modern, clean stuff. And I've gone through phases, like every teenager, I've had my boho phase, and then I had my edgier thing, and then just the phase where I wore jeans and t-shirts for like a year straight. And What I'm trying right now is just to be creative with it. I never worn these out of the house. I only would have worn them in my house three months ago. But I said, you know what? I'm gonna do it because I really like them and they make me feel good. So I've been more about what I really like versus what I think everyone will really like. Yeah.>> And let us see your accessories on you, your rings.>> Thanks. These are BCBG. I just wore them for a performance I did with them here.>> And your earrings, the earrings.>> And my earrings, I constantly have different stuff in. Trying to get my hair out of the way. And they're from, I think these are form Nordstrom. All of them are from Nordstrom. Yeah. And my little cartilage is from a tattoo shop in LA [LAUGH] Amazing so where can fans find your new single? It is on EW.com right now actually they released it with me but it's on iTunes, it's on Spotify I've blasted the links every where so Check my Twitter, check my Instagram, my Facebook, everything. That's it guys. Thanks so much for tuning in and answering your questions. Bye Rebecca. Bye
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