Take a Tour Inside Pretty Little Liars Star Shay Mitchell's Glam L.A. Guesthouse

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What happens when an acclaimed interior designer teams up with a notoriously gorgeous and glamorous TV star? Magic, that's what.

In a recent feature with People, Shay Mitchell enlisted celebrity designer Mat Sanders of Consort Design (whose clients include the likes of Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Nicole Richie) and the folks at Wayfair to help her design her Los Angeles guesthouse, and the result was obviously incredible. "With so many needs for the space, we wanted to create a sophisticated blend of form and function, while being as playful and chic as Shay is," explained Sanders. Mitchell, who described her style as "Moroccan-meets-Mediterranean with a touch of glam," turned what was once a storage unit into a livable space, complete with a living room for entertaining, one of Mitchell's must-haves when she and Sanders first began the project.

"I also wanted a small space for an office with my ultimate must-have: a vision board," added the Pretty Little Liars star. "Everyone knows how I love a great vision board, and the one that I have now is huge. I cant wait to fill it up!"

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One of the most unique aspects of the space is Mitchell's collection of souvenirs from her travels all over the world. "Each place I travel I pick up something, physically and style-wise, to bring home with me," she explained. "Each place I've traveled has a place in my home, because traveling is such a huge passion of mine."

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The bold, glam, and feminine guesthouse features a large living room, a bedroom, office, and full-sized kitchen. Watch the video above to get the full home tour.


[MUSIC] My name is Mat Sanders with Consort Design and we helped redesign Shay Mitchell's guest house, YouTube studio, and work space. I'm Shay Mitchell and we're here in my guest house that I've been working with with Wayfair and Consort. It's been a really really fun process. I'm so excited about the outcome of it that now I'm wanting to spend more time in my guest house than my actual house even though that is getting designed too. What excites me the most is that this space is so functional. I have so many different areas and it really embodies who I am. I wanted a room that I could really use every little pocket of, and this is exactly what I had in mind, plus. When we first started working with Shea, it was with decorating her entire house, and then she had this second guest house in her backyard. We pulled from Wayfair because of the extensive amount of product that was available to us. Shay really wanted this to feel like a collected place that really told the story of her personality. We focused on high contrast, bold statement makers, like the charcoal sofa. We then moved into rugs to kind of layer in a nice jute texture. The office bunk room came equipped with this platform bed. So we tiled the entire room in black and white Moroccan tile and created a blush, French mattress. [MUSIC] Thanks to Wayfair, we were really able to have access to all kinds of things to really instantly inject that Personal touch into the space. To actually see it come to fruition is something really cool. So I'm gonna just keep adding to my new pinboard and see what happens. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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