"Earlier this year, all of N.Y.C. and much of the nation was in a tizzy—and still is—about "bone broth" and its various health benefits. I too grew up drinking broth around the clock and find it as comforting as anyone else, but wasn’t quite convinced that all the buzz surrounding it was justified. Then I went to go interview Mr. Bone Broth himself, chef Marco Canora, at his newly opened broth-to-go takeout window, Brodo, and indulged in a cup broth with a spoonful of bone marrow. While it looked slightly disconcerting, basically like a ball of fat floating and slowly melting in your cup, it was absolutely divine. Needless to say I was sold at first sip."

—Anne Kim, Lifestyle Editor

Grace Gavilanes
Dec 12, 2014 @ 3:01 pm

Below is an excerpt from "Straight Sippin'" which originally appeared on PureWow. Read the full story at purewow.com.

Your mother is about to say "I told you so."

All those times when you were sick and she handed you a cup of chicken soup? There's a reason the age-old remedy works: Broth is full of natural, immunity-boosting goodness.

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And now it's a rising star in the superfood world. In fact, there's a whole shop dedicated to it. Welcome Brodo.

A new takeout window attached to East Village restaurant Hearth, the shop is making a case for drinking the high-protein liquid like you would a latte.

Simmered for 18 hours, the drinks contain amino acids and minerals like magnesium, calcium and gelatin (all of which fight inflammation, boost digestive health and even help your hair and nails grow). Choose organic chicken, grass-fed beef or the signature house blend (a hearty mixture of turkey, chicken and beef). Then kick it up with add-in options like ginger, chili oil and freshly grated turmeric.

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You can, of course, also make broth at home or buy similar, low-sodium concoctions from, say, Fleisher's in Park Slope (a tip we learned from our friends at Maha Rose Healing Center).

Bones: It's what's for dinner.

Brodo, 200 First Ave. (at 12th St.); 646-602-1300 or brodonyc.com

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