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Stop the Shivers and Shop the Best Scarves to Bundle Up In

Stop the Shivers and Shop the Best Scarves to Bundle Up In
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At the risk of jinxing the forecast, we're just going to say it: We're in for a very long winter. On the East Coast, especially for those of us who reside in New York City, we woke to a brutally frigid, Polar Vortex-esque morning with temps that ran in the upper 20s. But after factoring in wind chill, it really felt like 15 degrees. In other words, it's cold. And we're cold.

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All of this is a long-winded way of us saying that as of this a.m., we've been burrowing into all of our cold-weather accoutrements to help us brave the outdoors. We tackled chunky knit beanies already (ones with fluffy pom poms, others with fun bold stripes), and now we've turned our attention to warming our necks. From faux fur snoods to oversize printed scarves (that double as blankets), we've canvassed the entire market for our faves. We have the chunky knit, the wool plaids, and the fuzzy stoles. Bundle up (stylishly, we might add) and beat the drop in heat with the best 16 scarves around.

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