Spice Up Your Holiday Party With Our Favorite (Spiked) Cranberry Punch Recipe

Spice Up Your Holiday Party With Our Favorite (Spiked) Cranberry Punch Recipe
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Getting your holiday party started is as easy as whipping up a batch of this cranberry orange punch!

Punch is one of the smartest ways to serve drinks at a party—no shaking, stirring, or blending required. This crowd-pleasing, sweet-tart blend, courtesy of Seattle entertaining expert Heather Christo, is made with prosecco, mixed juices, and cinnamon. Yum!

To make our holiday punch extra delightful, we made cranberry ice cubes. To get the look, buy ice cube trays with unexpected shapes, such as stars ($10, amazon.com) and gemstones ($8, amazon.com). We used a long, skinny cylinder-style molds ($14, amazon.com) and dropped in fresh cranberries to create a beautiful icy accent in the punch.

Serves: 10 - 20


2 trays cranberry ice (plus a 5-lb. bag of regular ice)
Zest of 2 oranges
4 cinnamon sticks
5 cups cranberry juice
3 cups orange juice
2 bottles prosecco
2 oranges or blood oranges, sliced


1. Pour regular ice into a punch bowl.

2. Add cranberry ice, zest, and cinnamon sticks.

3. Add juices, prosecco, and orange slices. Stir. Serve cold. For a stronger spiked punch, add 1 cup dark rum.

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