Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams Slay Their Ned Stark Impressions on Carpool Karaoke


When the first teaser of real-life BFFs Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams’s Carpool Karaoke dropped, featuring the duo singing Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus before popping in to surprise some unsuspecting Game of Thrones fans, we didn’t think it could get any better than that. But like Jon Snow, we knew nothing of the joy that was to come.


On Tuesday, Apple Music dropped another trailer of the episode (above), and the Stark sisters whipped out their best Ned Stark (Sean Bean) impressions while riding around. “Do you remember when we used to read normal sentences but like Sean Bean, like Ned Stark?” Williams asks in the trailer.

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“Aye, I do,” Turner responds, barely able to keep it together already. Williams then asks her IRL BFF to read some hilarious sentences, Sean Bean-style, and it’s basically like they gave us an inside look at what their sleepovers must be like. If you thought you loved Arya and Sansa before, just wait until you watch this episode.

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Watch the trailer above, and catch the full episode on Apple Music.


Right. I'm going to give you a sentence, right. Yeah. And then you got to say it like- Yeah. Like you was in Game of Thrones. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Do you remember when Mr. Snow [UNKNOWN] like shown being like Ned Stark in I [UNKNOWN] do [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Be like the Score just kicks in and it's like hands off.>>And then it goes like this. [MUSIC] Hakuna Matata. And you open the door. Yeah.>> And I go it's me. A Mario.>> [LAUGH] I'm just like, pa, rap, pa, rap, pap [SOUND] [MUSIC] My God. Becky. Look at her butt.>>Butt. [MUSIC]
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