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Why It's Scientifically Pointless to Press Snooze

Why It's Scientifically Pointless to Press Snooze
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For a long time, I used to joke that if I ever had a band, I would name it Tap to Snooze.

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Seeing, and subsequently pressing, "tap to snooze" on my iPhone was, for years, just a part of my daily life. It was the next-best thing to sleeping in with no wake-up time, as I would on weekends (which was part of the snooze cycle). Monday through Friday I would tap away—always just tap, tap, tappin' to snooze, sometimes six times in a morning. Then I learned about a terrifying sleep documentary that—to keep with the sleep theme—woke me up to my unhealthy sleep habits.

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National Geographic's Sleepless in America completely opened my eyes and introduced me to a national sleep expert who explains that the single best sleep habit you can adopt for yourself is waking up at the same time every day (including weekends). I've since learned a lot about how truly counterproductive it is to press snooze when your alarm goes off, and why it's so important not to. Keep reading for the sleep-in scoop!

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