SJP Helps Save New York City Tea Shop

SJP Helps Save New York City Tea Shop
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Carrie Bradshaw might have sipped cosmos, but Sarah Jessica Parker is happier savoring a cuppa.

Sarah Jessica Parker
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SJP’s favorite neighborhood tea shop, Tea & Sympathy, is reportedly in danger of closing due to rising Manhattan rents. The tiny New York City shop is a treasure trove for tea lovers, and a place of worship for Anglophiles. Nestled in the hip West Village, Tea & Sympathy serves afternoon tea, traditional English fare and is packed with British groceries (including hard-to-find-stateside Cadbury treats, double cream, biscuits, traditional tea pots and solar-powered waving Queen Mums).

To keep the shop going, Tea & Sympathy owner Nick Perry has been garnering support from his famous neighbors, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen. To help them keep calm and carry on, click over to their online shop and pick up something fab. Cheers!

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