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Found It via Possessionista! Shop Cece's Chic Vince Sweater

Found It via <em>Possessionista</em>! Shop Cece's Chic Vince Sweater
Courtesy of Fox; Courtesy Photo

This week's New Girl was filled with fashion flashbacks. But it was Cece's (Hannah Simone) magenta sweater that we can't forget...and we found it! "Luscious and seductive without trying," the show's costume designer said of Cece's off-the-shoulder cashmere sweater by Vince. "Effortless beauty!" Get yours for $143 (down from $285!) at piperlime.com, and check out more of Zooey's Deschanel's looks at possessionista.com.

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— Dana Weiss of Possessionista.com

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