Sesame Street Parodies The Hunger Games, Brad Pitt Buzzed His Hair, and More

<em>Sesame Street</em> Parodies <em>The Hunger Games,</em> Brad Pitt Buzzed His Hair, and More
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1. Watch Sesame Street's parody on The Hunger Games and may the cookies be ever in your flavor. [YouTube]

2. Brad Pitt showed off his new haircut at the 2013 Governors Awards. [People]

3. What is Queen Elizabeth's favorite nail polish? Essie's Ballet Slippers! [Telegraph]

4. Watch Kanye West's new music video for 'Bound 2' starring Kim Kardashian. [Ellen]

5. This guy did a celebrity-inspired mustache selfie each day of Movember. [HuffPo]

6. Echo Design launched their "Share the Warmth" campaign, where you buy one accessory and they will give two to those who were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, now through December 1st. [Echo Design]

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