Selena Gomez’s Favorite Childhood Movie Is Such a Good Pick


Did you know Selena Gomez’s dream collaborator is Eminem? The answer’s a bit unexpected, but hey, the girl has solid taste.

Yes, she may have opened up about her relationship, mental health, and new Coach handbag in InStyle’s September cover story, but Gomez was down to reveal more about herself on Monday. The singer-actress took to Twitter to encourage fans to join her in listening to her hits for a virtual listening party via Spotify, where she’d also answer burning fan questions.

As the hits transitioned from “Fetish” to “Bad Liar” to “It Ain’t Me,” Gomez didn’t hold back. Her favorite song at the moment? “'Wild Thoughts' with Rihanna,” she said. Her favorite thing about Instagram? “Connecting with my fans! And filters.”

While the questions really did vary, some capture more attention than others. Specifically, she revealed that her favorite thing about recording "Fetish": “It was so much fun. I was in a room full of boys. They were all on their phones,” she hilariously replied to a fan.

Next up? The worst thing she’s ever tried: “Quail egg.”

Perhaps most impressively, we learned that Gomez also has excellent taste in movies. After someone asked what her favorite childhood film is, she replied, “Wizard of Oz” later adding Sixteen Candles and Alice in Wonderland to the list.


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Another day, another reason to love the star.


My God. Hey. Selena. Hi. It's so funny [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, so nice. So casual. Yeah, it is. You know I was playing a game earlier. Yeah. Head's up, I'm obsessed with that. That's really weird, you know why? Why? I put it on my phone right now. [BLANK_AUDIO] Okay, ready? Act it out. Okay. Play on. [MUSIC] Are you nervous? I'm freaking out. Okay, me too. [MUSIC] Rowing? Rolling with the homies? [MUSIC] Push it way,way within. Motor bike, jet ski. No your terrible at this game. Washing and lawnmower. Yes. Okay that was me, Mylanta You're proposing to me. I've been waiting for this. No, you're good. Well, that's not gonna happen. I'm sorry. [SOUND] All right. [BLANK_AUDIO] Showers. Yes, okay, no, this way. [INAUDIBLE]. Okay, I am, kind of. [BLANK_AUDIO] You [UNKNOWN] with me? What are you? You're in Baywatch I wish I have it enough body mass. No your Bo Derek. No it's. No it's, skip. [SOUND] We don't have a plan I don't think. [SOUND] it was supposed to be rollerblading. But how am I supposed to rollerblade on this side. [LAUGH] [SOUND]
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