See How This Green, Shade-Shifting Lipstick Changes Against Three Different Skin Tones

See How This Green, Shade-Shifting Lipstick Changes Against Three Different Skin Tones
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Almost like a mood ring for your pout, color-changing lipsticks are meant to impart a hue unique to the person wearing it, but more often than not, the products give off a one-dimensional pink tint that can be less-than thrilling---or flattering, for that matter---against your complexion. The high-tech formula of Lipstick Queen’s new Frog Prince lipstick, however, stands out among its countless shade-shifting counterparts. The lipstick starts out green, but goes on sheer, and a brand new hue begins to emerge after a few seconds by using your natural coloring and the pH levels in your skin as a guide.

We tried out the product on three members of the InStyle team to see if the product held up to its claims, and how distinct the color payoff would be against varying complexions. Scroll down to see how the color transformed against deep, fair, and medium skin tones, and shop the product for $25 at now!

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Lipstick Queen
Sarah Balch for
InStyle Editorial Intern Noel Walker's rich complexion gave the lipstick a translucent rose finish with hints of peach.

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Lipstick Queen
Sarah Balch for
The warm complexion of InStyle Beauty Intern Erin Stovall caused the bold magenta shades to take center stage.

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Lipstick Queen
Sarah Balch for
Against the fair skin tone of Associate Social Media Editor Jennifer Davis, the lipstick shifted to an ultra-sheer, soft petal hue.

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