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See Breast Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden's New No-Wig Look: This Is My 'New Normal'

See Breast Cancer Survivor Joan Lunden's New No-Wig Look: This Is My 'New Normal'
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Joan Lunden is ready to put her battle with breast cancer behind her and embrace her "new normal." The former Good Morning America host showed off her new no-wig look at Women’s Breast Health Day on June 17, in Washington D.C.

"[Taking off my wig] rattled me but it also empowered me," Lunden told PEOPLE. "There's a new person that's emerged and it's a person who I think can affect change in a really positive way and I think I can be more affective if I let people see that."

Before heading to Washington, Lunden first tried her new look at her son's soccer game where she was surprised when a few parents didn’t recognize her at first.

"Now everybody just has to get over the 'oh my god' stage," said Lunden.

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But she quickly found people were encouraging and embracing of her new look.

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Lunden – who recently launched Alive with Joan, an online TV channel for cancer survivors, patients and families – is now using her new look as motivation to embrace the positive side of her experience with cancer: the ability to make a change.

"This battle has turned me into an advocate and an activist. I used to come to Washington to interview people, now I’m coming here to try and affect change."

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