Scott Eastwood's New Davidoff Campaign Proves He's as Thoughtful as He Is Gorgeous

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Is it too early to start campaigning for Scott Eastwood to star in a live-action Captain Planet film? Because his latest Davidoff campaign (and the promise of seeing him shirtless) is making a pretty strong case. The star is using his role as celebrity spokesperson for good, and the brand has teamed up with the National Geographic Society's Pristine Seas Project to launch their Love the Ocean campaign. The initiative aims to preserve 10% of the world's ocean by 2020, and the cause hits close to home for Eastwood, who grew up in California near the sea. "We can't ignore the importance of protecting the world's oceans. As individuals, I think that we have more power to change the world than we think," he says in the above video. "Ocean conservation is important to me because I live by it, and so I see it on a daily basis."

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Starting right now, each bottle of Davidoff Cool Water sold will help to protect 10,000 square feet of ocean—meaning you can have your man smelling like the star while also doing some good for the planet. Over the weekend, Eastwood and the brand hosted a cleanup event in San Diego, but if you missed it, you can register online on the campaign's website to get alerts for future events in your area. "I hope people can see this, and it inspires even one person," Eastwood adds. "I know I saw this and it inspired me." Insanely dreamy, and down for the cause—could he possibly be more perfect? Hit play on the video above, and head over to to get more info on how you can help.


We can't ignore the importance of protecting the world's oceans. As individuals I think that we have more power to change the world than we think. Ocean conservation is really important to me because I live by it and so I see it on a daily basis. Plastic and trash, that's where they end up. We're working with Cool Water, National Geographic Effect on the Pristine Seas Project. For every bottle of Davidoff Cool Water that you buy, it helps protect 10,000 square meters of ocean. The ocean is a giver of life, we can't ignore this problem. It only takes one. Hey, how are you? How ya doing?>>Good. I see you're cleaning up the beach here. A little bit every day. Just do my little part every day. You look at nature differently because you feel like you're caring for it. It's such a peaceful place. You get so happy. The Eastern Pacific is a beautiful place. I've seen it change. They throw something down stream, it ends up in the ocean It just doesn't go away. [MUSIC] Seeing the damage that all this pollution has caused really makes me wanna get out there and make a difference. So today we're out here in ocean side with Scott and I want to introduce you to Mark from Surf Rider San Diego. Nice to meet you. It's a pleasure. Even a single person can make a massive amount of difference when it comes to ocean conservation. These beach cleanups are a fantastic Fantastic way of not only tackling head on the problem of pollution in our ocean but also engaging a lot of people who don't normally deal with ocean conservation. You can go on our website, find out where clean ups. [ MUSIC PLAYS IN BACKGROUND ] What's going on and we love to bring people out here all the time. I think it's great being out here today. It felt good to help out and give back to the community. >. Today we went we cleaned up a bunch of the trash. There's seventy three point nine million pounds of plastic. Plastic in our oceans. I hope people can see this and it inspires even one person. I know I saw this and it inspired me. [MUSIC] We can't ignore this problem. I think it's in our hands. [MUSIC] It starts with one, one hour of your time, one day, one piece of trash. Join me, take action, come out and protect the ocean. What are you gonna do in your local community to help protect the ocean? [MUSIC] [SOUND]
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