Scandal Fashion Recap: Is Olivia Back to Her Old Look?

Scandal Fashion Recap: Is Olivia Back to Her Old Look?
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The election drama revs up on last night's episode of Scandal. Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) tries to improve her image for the American people, but ends up flopping on a very important issue—the day of the week that Gettysburger is closed! Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), who is now officially running Mellie's campaign, tries to do damage control, and spends most of the episode doing what she does best: gladiating.

Before the Republican debate, Olivia and the rest of Pope & Associates try to help Mellie become more relatable. Because she's on #TeamMellie now, Olivia wears a lot of royal blue in this episode, one of Mellie's favorite colors, according to costume designer, Lyn Paolo. But she's also conflicted about a lot of different things, so the color works in both respects.

"She's trying to help Mellie but she's also trying to put out all these other fires," Paolo explains to InStyle. "She's feeling blue and trying to figure out who her enemies are." In this scene (pictured above), she wears a Margaret O'Leary cardigan with an Oscar de la Renta blouse, Stella McCartney pants, Yves Saint Laurent pumps, and her trusty Prada purse (this time in marine blue).

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Later in the episode, she wears a look that's even more shocking than her new brightly hued wardrobe staples of late: a gray Alexander McQueen jacket over a black Natori shell paired with her go-to black Ralph Lauren pants and a pair of killer Tom Ford heels. Gasp—has the old Olivia returned? It sure looks like it!

Paolo says: "Olivia and Mellie come to an agreement in the end and she just lets Mellie be Mellie. In the past, her clients were always at the forefront and she was always in the background being the puppet master. We thought for this particular moment that Olivia should blend into the background and be the old Olivia so that people wouldn't notice her pulling the strings behind the power."

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We wonder if this old look will stick? Or will it be back to bright yellows and oranges? Only Olivia's mood will tell!

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