Scandal Fashion Recap: The Scoop on Olivia's Wine and Popcorn Look

<em>Scandal</em> Fashion Recap: The Scoop on Olivia's Wine and Popcorn Look
ABC/John Fleenor)
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On last night's Scandal, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) hid out in her apartment to avoid the media storm surrounding her now public affair with Fitz. That means she stuck with her usual at-home cozy wardrobe and in the first scene wore a La Perla camisole and pants. But with photographers lurking outside her apartment, she quickly covered up with a gray 360 Cashmere cardigan from Bloomingdale's.

ABC/John Fleenor

"This is her normal wine and popcorn look," costume designer Lyn Paolo tells InStyle. "When she realizes that someone is watching her, she wraps the cardigan around herself and then gets help immediately from Huck and Quinn."

ABC/John Fleenor)

Later in the episode, titled "Dog-Whistle Politics," Olivia kept her wardrobe on the casual side while still holed up at home, wearing a simple gray tee from Crown Jewel, J Brand jeans, and Burberry boots. She topped her look with another oversized cardigan, this time a black and white one from St. John. "For the bulk of the episode, she's wearing jeans and a tee," Paolo explains. "But at the end when Fitz comes to pick her up and takes her on a date, she throws the cardigan on. She needed to be a little more 'Olivia Pope' as she went down the hallway to leave."

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As for Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes), she has been holding down the fort of Pope & Associates while Olivia deals with her personal life. "Last year she was 'Baby Huck'," Paolo says. "This year she is in charge. She's owning the fact that she was in B6-13, even though it was for a short period." Being in charge means her look is evolving into something even more edgier than before. She still wears her signature leather jackets—last night it was Isabel Marant paired with a Haute Hippie tee and J Brand jeans—but now she'll be incorporating more edgy jewelry, according to Paolo. "She's going to have those full-finger rings and a lot of jewelry that's very punk," she explains. "Quinn's becoming a little more England in 1982 with the jewelry. Lots of earcuffs and jagged edges." During the scene at the office, she wore House of Harlow earrings and a custom Karen Karch ring.

ABC/Eric McCandless

Senator Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) also drastically changed her look. Last night, she opted for an Alexander McQueen blazer over a Michael Kors sheath. "We're doing much more structured jackets on her now," Paolo says. "Everything is square in the shoulder, it's very authoritative. We're not doing the shrug cardigans anymore because she's not just First Lady anymore. She's a senator and standing on her own two feet."

Another key element of Mellie's changing look? Just like Quinn, her jewelry is evolving as well, and for good reason. "We're transitioning Mellie out of pearls," Paolo explained. "The pearls are Mellie when she's with Fitz and she's not with him anymore. Everything is a bit more architectural now."

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