Watch Sarah Jessica Parker's Dance-Off Against Molly Shannon on the Divorce Set


We all know Sarah Jessica Parker for her impeccable sense of style, but who knew that she was also a master at '80s dance moves? Of course, we can’t forget that SJP starred in the films Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun; however, in a series of new videos on Instagram with Divorce co-star Molly Shannon, she proves that she has rhythm IRL.

With the filming of Divorce Season 2 underway, the 52-year-old actress has been posting snaps and videos related to the show in anticipation of its upcoming release. But the hilarious dance-off between her and Shannon to the song “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge definitely takes the cake. SJP wrote in the caption: “From our ‘scene’ and heard column on @divorcehbo. Sister Sledge, ‘we are family’ while moving the camera takes on new meaning with @theofficialsuperstar.”

First came the singing, and then the fun dance moves, with Shannon kicking off her heels to do the robot and SJP attempting the moonwalk. Two subsequent videos show Parker serenading Shannon to Jeffrey Osborne’s “On the Wings of Love,” as she waves around a portable speaker.

Osborne reposted the video on Instagram and complimented the ladies' vocals in the caption: “Sounding good ladies!”

Obviously, SJP can do it all, but we imagine being an amazing mom, singer, dancer, and actress doesn’t come easy.


Footloose was important for lots of personal and professional reasons. [MUSIC] Footloose. You almost didn't do it. What I find interesting if you look at when you did that that was kind of your first job. You had been a child star and that was your first job as an adult. Yeah, and I got that. I first got it and turned it down cuz they wanted me to cut my hair off and dye it red because the character's name was Rusty. And I was like God, my hair just grew back from Annie. Like enough with the dying the hair red. I just couldn't imagine cutting my hair off and dying it red again. And I was never really, being a redhead didn't really suit me. So I passed, and they hired Tracey Nelson. From Square Pegs. Square Pegs, and then they called me from the set. It didn't work out, and they said, can you fly to Utah tomorrow? And I was like, I can, but I can not cut my hair off and dye it red. And they were like, don't worry about your hair. Don't worry about your hair, just get here. And so I Yeah, that was my first job as an 18-year-old. Which on the West Coast mattered, because you didn't have to have a guardian. And then that movie turned into. Well, yeah. Crazy, big. What was Herb Ross the director like? Because he's notoriously mean. Yeah. Did he yell at you? Yeah, but I was in such good company it really wasn't personal. I mean it's always scary to be yelled at, and it's always embarrassing, but I was not the receiving end a lot. I mean the thing that I got yelled at was that I Learn slow. I learn dance routines slowly. Some people pick it up super fast, and I wasn't fast. And you know, Herb's wife is Nora Kaye, fine, who was one of the great most important prima ballerinas- Yes. American ballet theatre, and. And so he wanted me to learn quickly and I just, I was catching up, and but I loved him. I was a huge admirer of his for lots of years because of all those movies. So I loved Tim, and I was very sorry when he passed. [MUSIC]
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