Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Exactly the Same in Rare Childhood Snap

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Ever wondered if Sarah Jessica Parker has always had a knack for fashion? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.

The actress took to Instagram today to celebrate her older sister Rachel's birthday, and the throwback photo she shared proved just that. In the snap, the designer wears a collared dress that features a delicate ruffled bodice and pleated skirt. Her curly hair is braided into two pigtails that are each tied with a ribbon. And aside from her adorable outfit, we couldn't get over the fact that she looks almost the same as she does today—that smile is totally unmistakable.

What else did we love? The touching message she wrote to her sibling in the caption. "You are the older sister that storytellers describe," she said. "The reliable. The most kind. The calm one. The one that always completed her homework in the midst of chaos. The one who magically found my every missing item. The one that kept all my secrets and secreted my misdeeds. The one who who I shared a room with for 18 years and never complained. The one who produced the most surprising laughs. And everyone's favorite big sister."

Before signing the note by referring to herself as the "messy, cramming at midnight sister," Parker wrote one final sentiment: "Happy birthday Rachel. When I grow up I want to be just like you. I Iove you so."

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Too cute.


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