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The Safest, Easiest Way to Melt Chocolate

The Safest, Easiest Way to Melt Chocolate
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Below is an excerpt from “The Safest, Cleanest Way to Melt Chocolate,” which originally appeared on Food52. Read the full story at

For melting chocolate, I'm on record as preferring the water bath, but others opt for a double boiler and some use a microwave. Any way you do it, you must avoid contact with moisture and excessive heat. Milk and white chocolates are the trickiest. New cooks are often daunted ... experienced cooks find it a chore. Alas, we have found another way that's clean, quick, and safe, with no water baths, double boilers, microwaves, or stove tops involved.

For the full how-to, check out "The Safest, Cleanest Way to Melt Chocolate" on Food52.

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